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Pool liners for the home

Summer is pool season! It is always a nice experience to cool off in your pool on a hot summer day. After a long day at work, a day at school or even at the weekend, swimming in the pool brings you joy and relaxation. Of course, romping and playing is also part of it, splashing and playing in the pool is fun for kids and big kids! But what comes after play and relaxation? Afterwards, you leave the pool and take a shower or lie in the sun for a while. To prevent your pool from getting dirty when you're not using it, a pool liner is a good way to keep out coarse dirt. Whether you have a round pool in your garden, a rectangular pool or an inground pool, you will definitely find the right liner for your pool in our range. In principle, the shape of your pool doesn't matter, there are liners in sizes large enough for both oval and round pools. It is important that you measure your pool beforehand and calculate whether the liner will also cover the edges.

Pool liners in different sizes and colours

Whether you have a round, oval or square pool, we have a suitable and affordable selection of new pool liners for you. Our high-quality pool solar foils come with a thickness of up to 400 microns and a size of up to 8 metres. We also offer suitable foils for oval pools. You have a large selection of swimming pool liners in our shop. We offer the colours blue and black. Both colours, blue and black, have the same properties.

More than just a replacement liner

Our pool liners are of high quality and offer your pool sufficient protection for a long time. The foils are weatherproof and tear-resistant. Due to their strength of up to 400 microns, they remain intact even when hit by sharp objects. Another advantage is that the installation is simple and the replacement is also done in a few simple steps.
Depending on the material and care of the swimming pool liner, the durability is between 4 and 10 years. The colour, be it blue or black, does not play a role in the durability.

A solar pool liner provides warm water without the need for heating!

A solar foil consists of two surfaces. One side is smooth and the other has lots of little nubs with air chambers. This means that the pool water can be heated by up to 5°C by the sun's rays. The pool liner with PE air cushions can therefore store the heat in the pool for much longer. Due to the material, the solar pool liner also acts as a thermal insulator. Of course, the material is also UV-resistant. This minimises heat loss and strong cooling due to wind and rain. The biggest advantage of such a foil is that you save the heating costs for an external pool heater. You only have to rely on the sun and can heat your pool without any electricity. Less effort for water maintenance, more fun in your own pool!

We offer you a wide range of pool heaters.

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