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Always good air with fans, heaters and air conditioners

A pleasant indoor climate is essential for well-being. At ECD Germany you can get everything from fans and mobile air conditioners in summer to heaters and radiant heaters in winter. Always suitable for the right climatic season.

Heating and air-conditioning units are indispensable in private homes, table fans and many other places. The selection ranges from small table, tower, floor and stand fans to mobile air conditioners – and from classic radiators (radiant heaters and heaters that are mounted on the wall) to small stand-alone heaters for more warmth. Many modern devices now offer attractive accessories for heating and air conditioning systems, such as remote control via app or remote control. For example, you can use your smartphone to turn on the air conditioning at home when you leave the house. When you enter your home half an hour later, you are greeted by a pleasantly cooled home. Discover innovative air conditioners in a simple design in our online shop.

When is an air conditioner worthwhile?

On hot summer days, it can become uncomfortable, warm and stuffy indoors. Concentrated work is then just as difficult as falling asleep. A modern air-conditioning system can provide a remedy. In living rooms, floor fans and table fans are very popular, which provide a cool breeze or ensure maximum air circulation. A mobile air conditioner can be placed in the room to be cooled when needed and returned to storage when the heat wave is over. Compared to installed systems, they are considerably cheaper with almost the same effect.

What are humidifiers good for?

As a supplement to heating and air-conditioning systems, devices are used today to control the air in a room, e.g. humidifiers. These have a water tank or are connected to the water pipe. They constantly emit small amounts of water mist into the environment and thus improve the air humidity and the room climate. No matter whether you want pleasant cooling, cosy warmth or a better indoor climate, at ECD Germany you can get heating and air conditioning units for every need and a wide range of accessories!

Why does a fan cool?

A fan circulates warm air in desired rooms, creating an oscillating flow of air throughout the room. The air hitting the body thus provides a pleasant feeling on the skin. Whether large floor fans or smaller floor fans, there is no difference in the way they work.

Different heaters for different rooms

Radiators (radiant heaters radiators) and convectors are classic heaters for the home and Büro. In a radiator, hot water flows through the device, which first heats the pipes of the radiator itself. These then give off radiant heat to the room. In a convector, on the other hand, cold air is drawn in from outside, heated by the incoming water and then given off again. The convection heat generated in this way ensures that the room is heated more evenly. However, radiant heat is perceived as fresher because it heats fresh air, whereas the convector reheats and discharges air that has already been used. Where there is no plumbing, electric heating is the best alternative.

Which fans are suitable for your individual needs?

Whether a table fan, stand fan or tower fan, a quiet fan is the most important thing for hot summer days. The size depends on the area of use and the size of the room. A mini fan can be sufficient for a small Büro, while a large floor fan can take up too much space that you could otherwise use more efficiently. There are different types of fans, each with its own area of application. The important thing is to make sure that you place the fan in a way that allows the air to circulate through the room, for example your bedroom. In the end, the best fans are those that fulfil their purpose according to your needs.

The air conditioning fans from ECD Germany

In our webshop you will find all kinds of air conditioners at a good price-performance ratio. However, they are not only characterised by a favourable price, the fans and air conditioners are also very quiet and energy-efficient. Our products can be adjusted to individual speed levels by means of controllers, and thus ensure your individual well-being. The floor fans, stand fans, column fans and mobile air conditioners have an oscillating effect and good cooling performance. Some products also have digital displays and remote controls that make controlling the units much easier. You can also use the sleep function to fall asleep at a low volume without the stand fan consuming electricity all night.