Fly screen

The fly screen fabric by ECD Germany - ideal for your home

The useful fly screen by the metre is a practical addition to your home or workplace. It reliably keeps insects such as flies, wasps, bees and mosquitoes outside and still ensures a good indoor climate. The high-quality fibreglass net is UV-resistant, durable and hard-wearing. It can be easily adapted to any window size.

The proven fly screen is quick and easy to install. The customisable fly screen can be adapted to any window size. You can easily cut the screen with scissors and adjust it to the desired size. Whether for sliding doors, fixed doors, skylights and balcony doors, the fly screen from ECD Germany is sure to find a place in your house or flat.

After the relaxed summer period, thanks to the fly screen, most insects are no longer a problem. You can then remove it from the windows again. After removing the fly screen, no residue remains on the window and it will still be clean. The screen can be folded up at the end and stowed away to be reattached when needed.

The advantage of the ECD fly screens

The fly screens for your windows are available in all types and sizes, in different colours such as white and anthracite, and by the metre. The advantage of the yard goods is that you can provide your entire flat or all the windows in your house with an insect screen mosquito net with one roll. In addition, we can provide you with prefabricated fly screens with aluminium frames for the common sizes of your windows. All our fly screens that we offer in our online shop are of high quality and reusable. If you move house, for example, you can remove the insect screens without leaving any residue on the window frame. And use the same fly screens for protection in your new flat or house. 

In principle, it is always good to use a fly screen for insect protection, because on the one hand it does not harm the insects and on the other hand it does not harm the ecosystem to which they belong. The fresh air still gets in and doors and windows can remain open continuously in warm temperatures.

Our claim as ECD Germany

As a company, it is important to us to maintain a quality standard and that every product that we deliver to you from our online shop meets your requirements in terms of price and performance. Whether it is by the metre or a prefabricated fibreglass net, our aim is to meet every need. Every mosquito net in our range has been specially selected by us to satisfy our customers. For us, value for money is of great importance, whatever the size of the product.

It goes without saying that we offer you a good buying experience and fast free shipping (within Germany).