Make gardening even more fun with the right garden helpers

As soon as spring comes, the plants start to bloom. Everything grows and flourishes in the garden. The vegetables are slowly ready to be harvested and the garden shines in a beautiful green. But this also requires some gardening.
At ECD Germany you get all the necessary gardening tools to master your gardening as effectively and easily as possible.
Starting with suitable work gloves. We offer you high-quality nylon work gloves with PU coating for all fine-motor gardening tasks. In addition, we offer you a battery-powered shrub and grass shear with which you can trim your lawn or hedge. If you have a robotic lawnmower, you can get the right boundary wire from us for marking out your lawn.

Rough gardening is taken care of

If your gardening needs ever get a little bigger: Don't worry, we have something for you. Especially in winter, when the soil is still particularly hard or the roots of the tree you're trying to find are larger than expected, we have the right gardening helpers for you. To protect your hands from the temperatures of the cold season or from cuts and splinters, we have work gloves made of robust cow split leather. They keep your hands warm and protect them at the same time - perfect for rough work. We also offer a cross hoe - a must-have for every gardener, no matter what the season. The hoe has a flat, sharp side - great for hoeing roots of trees or other plants and loosening beds - and a pointed side that is great for working on tree stumps or loosening hard frosty soil.

Sore backs when gardening? No more with this gardening aid!

With our garden seat with castors, you can do a lot of work in your house or garden in comfort while sitting down. With a load capacity of 135 kg and tyres made of PU, it is robust and resistant. You can even use this practical garden aid in winter when it snows or in autumn when there are too many leaves. You can also tie a garden bouncer to your gardener's back. This prevents you from unnecessarily straining your back when gardening and takes less time to complete the work for the bed and the plants.

Garden waste and mess

To be able to remove your garden waste properly, you need a wheelbarrow. For this purpose, we offer you a very practical foldable wheelbarrow. You can easily store it in your house or garage without it taking up much space. If you already own a wheelbarrow, we offer replacement wheels for your wheelbarrow or sack barrow. The replacement wheels made of PU solid rubber always come with an axle so that you can start fitting them as soon as the delivery arrives. So that you can also throw your garden waste on the compost, you have the choice of a thermal composter or a drum composter with us. If you want something simpler, our tip is the simple metal composter made of steel. However, in order to store your tools and gardening aids, you can also purchase a tool shed from us at a fair price. So that the tools are not damaged even in winter.