Garden Gloves

 Protective clothing

The right work gloves make all the difference

Working in the garden can often be rough, especially when cutting thorn bushes, roses or similar plants. In order not to injure your fingers during the work, gloves are suitable to prevent injuries. Work gloves also protect your hands from dirt, such as tree sap, which is difficult to remove from the skin. Leather work gloves offer the right protection, thorns can hardly get through the leather and the leather glove has a very long life. For example, when working with wood, the leather ensures that no splinters penetrate to the hands. However, leather gloves are very thick and therefore very warm. In winter, warm hands are certainly very pleasant, but less gardening is done in winter. The leather gloves are not suitable for fine work on cars or motorbikes, as they are very inflexible compared to proper assembly gloves. Work gloves made of nitrile or latex are more suitable. These usually fit closely to the hand so that you can do finer work without any problems. The material is usually very inexpensive, so you can buy several of one size at once. Size specifications for gloves are usually shown as "size 9", for example. Size 11 usually corresponds to the well-known size XXL. So you should also find the right work glove for you, whether it is made of leather or nitrile.
To ensure sufficient grip, our protective gloves are equipped with a polyurethane coating. PU coating for short. It is important to order the right size of gloves. Gloves that are too big can slip and that is at the expense of grip
Sweaty hands? Maybe in leather gloves.... Don't worry, our work gloves are made of nylon, which is extremely breathable. The combination of PU coating and breathable nylon fibres results in a high-quality but also inexpensive protective glove.

Leather or nylon?

Which glove you buy depends on the type of work you do. For rough gardening, tree work, cutting and digging, we recommend leather gloves. They simply offer you sufficient protection against cuts. The size of leather gloves does not necessarily have to be perfect.
We recommend nylon assembly gloves with PU coating as soon as the work is a little more delicate. Be it for car screws, arrows, clamping or simply for work where you want to protect yourself from dirt. In plain black, the mechanic's gloves are very resistant to dirt. However, it is important to choose the right size of work gloves. If they are too big, they will not provide the grip you probably expect. You can find everything from size 7 to 12 or M to XXL in our online shop. And best of all: Free shipping! So order your workwear cheaply from our online shop now and benefit from fast and reliable delivery.