About us

In 1990, ECD Germany, then still under the name Eris Car Design GmbH, was founded. Eris stands here
for European Wheel Arch Chrome & Interieur Service and describes the initial
sales division. Only chrome parts and wooden interiors for car tuning were offered.
Advertising was done through catalogues, advertisements and brochures and sales were largely local.

At that time, it was mainly the well-known trade fairs such as the Essen Motor Show or the
Automechanika in Frankfurt an important part of the corporate strategy to attract new customers
to win.

The special offer had the consequence that the clientele did not only focus on the local location
limited, there were now customers all over Europe. This meant that the sales department had to change
and the sales department had to change too. Focus shifted to mail order.

Now more buyers could be reached in a shorter time and with the advent of the mass market
Internet access opened up completely new possibilities. Online marketplaces and the Internet Auction
users were given a completely new status and offered the possibility to buy goods from the auctio uncomplicated
and can be offered simultaneously via different channels. This led to the fact that the
shifted the focus of sales. Chrome and wood have now given way to the easy to sell car spare parts.

2010, it was decided to re-launch the company under the name ECD Germany
to market products under their own name.

Today ECD Germany stands for a strong company with a continuous development. This guarantees
not only the regular expansion of the product range, but also the technical and commercial support.
The competence and commitment of the various departments and their employees in the
Inland -and abroad.