LED lighting is a current trend that everyone has certainly noticed; LED technology is easy to retrofit and intuitive to use. In our online shop you will find a variety of possibilities to enhance your home with simple light and to increase your well-being. Whether as background lighting, LED outdoor lights or LED panels, the LED strips can be used as an addition to all these options or even simply applied in the same way. The impressive efficiency of the LED strips and LED bulbs also makes them very attractive. Some of the LED products from our online shop have different modes on the remote control.

The LED strips from ECD Germany can be used for many purposes. The varying lengths and the possibility of adapting the LED strips to the desired dimensions make the LED strips very flexible and universally applicable as a light source.

Why LED illuminants?

LEDs are significantly more energy-efficient than competing technology such as spotlights or incandescent lamps, and LED lights do not contain mercury. LEDs work with semiconductor crystals that shine very brightly, providing pleasant illumination, making LED luminaires a smart option for outdoor lighting. Lighting around a pond, garden shed or as a fixture to decorate a balcony is easy to manage with weather-resistant and waterproof LED strips. Converting to LED is also very easy. There are many variations of LED lighting, dimmable lighting is very modern and suitable for just about any application. We pay a lot of attention to the efficiency of our LED strips, LED lighting has a lower power consumption. The LED illuminant has up to 85% lower power consumption than the lamp at the same brightness.
Our LED lights are also suitable for any style of interior design.

What does RGB mean?

RGB is often used in the vernacular these days and taken for granted. But what exactly is RGB LED? RGB simply stands for the three primary colours: red, green and blue. Based on these three colours, LED light strips can produce up to 16.7 million different colour tones. The RGB LED strips are therefore ideal for projecting any colour you can imagine into your room via remote control. High-quality LED strips are characterised by their efficiency. Switch them on in the morning and off again in the evening to save electricity.

Universally applicable

One advantage of LED strips is their flexible application options; the individual elements can be attached as desired, shortened individually and then simply switched on by the switch on the wall. Whether warm white or dimmable, the possibilities are almost endless. The LED illuminants, such as our LED strips, can be used outside, inside or also as an LED strip behind the bed as indirect lighting. The LED strips can be used, for example, as a chain of lights, as recessed LED lights, as a high-quality light source and also as a lamp when used properly. Light is needed almost everywhere, so LED luminaires are a flexible and simple way to provide light.

Our claim as ECD Germany

As a company, it is important to us to maintain a standard of quality and to ensure that every device that we deliver to you from our online shop meets your requirements. Whether for the kitchen, the household or the living room, all our LED products are made by top manufacturers and are of good quality. Each luminaire, each LED and also each accessory of our LED articles has been specially selected by us to satisfy our customers. For us, a good price-performance ratio is of great importance for any device, whether it is a household appliance, a light or LED strips for your living room. In our assortment you will find the right LED lighting for the kitchen, for the garden or even for the balcony.