High-quality bathroom radiators

Getting into a nice warm bath in the morning, no matter what time of year it is, makes the morning immediately more bearable. And what better way to heat your bathroom than with an electric bathroom radiator. The bathroom heater efficiently provides a pleasant warmth in your bathroom. You can mount the bathroom heater on the wall of your bathroom, it is recommended to mount it close to a socket, as the heater is supplied with electricity by a simple power cable. You can further customise your bathroom by integrating one of the variants from our online shop into your bathroom. A heater is the perfect addition to a comfortable home!

Variation of radiators at ECD Germany

The design radiators are available in any size and design in our online shop. The advantage of panel radiators is not only the aspect of the beautiful design, but also the fast heating performance. The advantage of the normal bathroom radiator is that you can also use it as a towel rail. The radiator then not only provides a pleasant warmth but also a warm towel, which makes drying off after a shower more pleasant. In addition, the electric towel rail ensures that the towels dry faster. A bathroom radiator combines the advantages of a heater with those of a towel rail. Our design bathroom radiators are not only modern, energy-efficient and ideal for your bathroom, but also affordable. We focus on the price-performance ratio. 

Application examples for bathroom radiators

In order to install a radiator, it is best to mount it on the wall and preferably in a place that is not far from a socket. The bathroom radiators are mostly heated by electricity through a heating rod. We also offer radiators with which you can easily replace your existing normal radiators with our design radiators. You can easily connect and install them to your existing heating system. After installing your heater, you can use it as an electric towel rail, which will not only keep your bathroom tidy, but also keep your bathroom warm. Your bathroom radiator can dry your towels and keep them pleasantly warm. All these advantages are made possible by the radiators from ECD Germany, so what are you waiting for and order the ideal variant of one of our design radiators for you in our online shop.

Our claim as ECD Germany

As a company, it is important to us to maintain a standard of quality and that every product we deliver to you from our online shop meets your requirements in terms of price and performance. Whether it's an electric towel rail, a radiator or a bathroom radiator, our aim is to meet your every need. Every accessory for your home, every towel rail and every design for our range has been specially selected by us to satisfy our customers. For us, value for money is of great importance, whatever the size of the product.

It goes without saying that we offer you a good buying experience and fast free shipping (within Germany).