A French balcony is a real eye-catcher

A French balcony is not only modern and chic, but also offers enough space for tasteful greenery - especially in big cities a great way to decorate the outside facade with flowers or other plants. With the complete sets from ECD Germany, you can create your own French railing in no time at all. Browse our shop now and buy your favourite model cheap online!

A French balcony consists of a floor-to-ceiling window with a smaller or larger sill as well as a railing. As a result, it protrudes only minimally from the façade. When the windows are open, however, it takes on the appearance of a real balcony. So if you have windows that reach down to the floor, you also have the option of making French balconies as easy as pie. Just pick out the right French balcony lattice from our large selection and enjoy your own little oasis.

French balcony made of robust stainless steel

Particularly if children or elderly people live in the home, a French balcony also offers additional protection. However, it is exposed to all weather conditions. Our grilles are therefore all made of robust stainless steel, which makes them particularly safe as well as corrosion and weather resistant. After all, you should be able to enjoy your newly purchased railing for as long as possible. To ensure that it harmoniously matches the respective facade and type of construction and corresponds to your personal preferences, we have put together various models for you in our range. Would you rather have your French balcony in black, white or anthracite? With us you can get all these designs in different sizes.

Decorating balcony railings with flowers - typical French balcony railings

In addition to using durable materials, we also attach great importance to the quality workmanship of every single component of our balcony railings, in order to give you not only the French flair, but also a security you can trust. Therefore, in addition to the window grilles, our assembly sets also include the wall fastening, threaded anchors and corresponding cap nuts. Decoration through planting is ideal for the balcony railings. There are no limits to your imagination: whether you place geraniums on the windowsill or the railing itself or provide your own tomatoes with the necessary portion of sun - it is your own oasis.

Our claim as ECD Germany

As a company, it is important to us to maintain a standard of quality and that every product we deliver to you from our online shop meets your standards in terms of price and performance. Whether it's a guardrail, a handrail or any other bargain, our aim is to fulfil every need. Every accessory for your house, every French balcony and every fixture for our range has been specially selected by us to satisfy our clientele. For us, value for money is of great importance, whatever the size of the product.

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