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Screen fences for more privacy and an upgrade of the garden

In addition to the classic half-height front garden or garden fences, man-sized privacy fences are becoming increasingly popular. They not only provide privacy from unwanted glances, but also serve as windbreaks, depending on the model. If you like it a bit bigger in the garden or on the terrace, you can also have a privacy fence overgrown and thus set it up as a climbing aid. WPC fences usually consist of individual posts with replaceable elements. In combination with gabions, your garden or terrace can be transformed into a real oasis of well-being. However, before you build a garden privacy screen on your terrace/garden, a few important questions should be answered. We'll give you an answer online.

What material should my future garden fence/ privacy fence be made of?

Modern garden fences are usually made of WPC or classic wood. WPC is a natural fibre-reinforced plastic, i.e. a mixture of plastic and wood. The abbreviation WPC stands for Wood Plastic Composite. In contrast to the classic wooden fence, WPC privacy fences are UV-resistant and weatherproof. In addition, the assembly is kept simple and can be erected in just a few steps. To match, you can get 2 sets of WPC posts and the matching opaque square elements from us. A great privacy screen for your garden.

How high can my garden privacy screen be?

The privacy fence may be between 170 cm and 190 cm high. However, the regulations of the individual federal states must be observed. The distance to the neighbour must be about 50 cm. As a rule, privacy screens do not require approval, i.e. the building authority does not need to be notified.

Do the fences need to be maintained?

WPC fences are maintenance-free. The hard-wearing material is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and guarantees lasting stability and weather resistance. Our WPC elements are resistant to insect damage, fungal attack and moisture.

Which garden fence is the cheapest?

WPC fences have become so popular not only because of their properties, but also because of their attractive prices. You can get a great privacy wall that protects you and your privacy for very little money.

WPC fencing has become so popular not only because of its properties, but also because of its attractive prices.

What colour should my privacy fence be?

This is very much a matter of personal taste. However, we recommend using subtle colours that blend in with the natural colour scheme of the garden or patio. This includes colours such as brown, grey or green. If you plan to have your fence overgrown, a green or brown is the best choice.

Visual protection on the balcony - is that possible?

Yes, you can even integrate a privacy screen on the balcony. One possibility is to attach privacy strips to the existing balcony lattice. The privacy strips are made of UV and weather-resistant PVC and come rolled up so that you can determine the length yourself. With a PVC roll of 35 metres, you also get 20 fixing clips.

Fence for your own pets

If you don't want your pets to run away unintentionally, a wire mesh fence or aviary wire is ideal. It doesn't provide privacy, but it does prevent your pets from staying in their enclosure. Aviary wire is a particularly close-meshed wire mesh with square meshes. The galvanised steel wire is flexible and versatile. You can also use the wire as a vine support for your plants.

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