Cupboards and chests of drawers

 Cupboards and chests of drawers

Chests of drawers from ECD Germany

Are you looking for a high-quality but nevertheless inexpensive chest of drawers? Then a chest of drawers with doors might be the right piece of furniture for you. A chest of drawers is an extremely versatile piece of furniture. Our chests of drawers have enough storage space and a modern design. It is perfect for the living room, bedroom or dining room. If you are looking for a modern and matching chest of drawers, then a chest of drawers made of MDF boards or solid mango wood in black or white is the perfect choice. These are also easy to clean and maintain.

A sideboard chest in white with wooden drawers and doors not only offers an excellent storage solution. This can also serve as a decorative piece of furniture. Solid wood sideboards are particularly durable and hard-wearing. A tall chest of drawers can also serve as a storage solution without taking up much space in the room. A chest of drawers can be used not only as an old-fashioned wardrobe. You can also use it as a changing table.

In addition to typical living spaces such as the living room or bedroom, chests of drawers can also be used in other areas of the home. For example, a chest of drawers in the dining room can be used to store crockery and cutlery, while a chest of drawers in the hallway can help to keep shoes and other utensils neatly tucked away. You can even use it in the garden, with the right foil to keep it waterproof. You can then store your garden accessories there.

You can also consider a TV lowboard if you are looking for a new chest of drawers. The furniture offers a great way to store the TV and other electronics while offering storage space for other things like books and decorative items. A TV lowboard can also be combined with a matching freestanding shelf. This directly provides more storage space. And more space for sculptures or other TV furniture. A TV lowboard is usually wider than a conventional chest of drawers. These have special shelves. Some are even equipped with LED ceiling lights and LED pendant lights. The LEDs ensure that you have atmospheric lighting in your room.

To match the sideboards perfectly to your interior, you can combine them with certain LEDs. This allows you to skilfully set the scene for your sideboard. And it creates a pleasant atmosphere. A chest of drawers made of acacia is another option. Acacia wood is known for being durable and timeless. It is also very robust and offers a classic look. This quickly blends into any interior. You should also pay attention to the design. With the right design, a chest of drawers can become a real eye-catcher in your home. Not only the right design is important. But also the colour. A light colour like white can make the room look spacious. A dark colour, on the other hand, can add a touch of elegance and sophistication. A chest of drawers can help define the style of a room. You can also decorate a chest of drawers with decorative objects. For example, you can use vases, candles or picture frames.

There are a variety of wood types from which a solid wood chest of drawers can be made, including acacia, oak, pine, beech or mango. Each type of wood has its own advantages and characteristics, which are reflected in the colour, structure and hardness of the wood. Do you love the creative vintage style? Then a wooden chest of drawers in the popular used look is just right. Here, the varnish may also be slightly peeling or cracked. Choose a vintage model in dark colours - for example, black, dark brown or dove grey. Asymmetrical chests of drawers with different-sized drawers in different shapes and with varying patterns, colour tones or handles also harmonise with the vintage style.

A sideboard with drawers and doors is the perfect way to store your belongings neatly and have a stylish piece of furniture at the same time. If you want to buy such a sideboard online, you should make sure that it is made of technical materials that match your personal style. In summary, a chest of drawers is an extremely useful piece of furniture that can be used in almost any room of the house. Chests of drawers can be perfectly integrated into any household.