Covers for all applications

A cover can fulfil some requirements or also, at many corners and edges, have weaknesses. Not every tarpaulin needs stones to weigh it down in order to be fixed and firm. The right cover for the intended purpose makes all the difference. A cover that functions as a protective cover is usually never a bad choice. After all, protecting something expensive like a parasol with a protective cover will mean you can use the parasol for longer. Protective covers for parasols, sunshades or even special parasol protective covers are also very good for protecting the parasol or the parasol from dirt, and other impurities on the material. Not only parasols can be covered. A cellar shaft should also be covered, but here there are some criteria to consider. On the one hand, a light well cover should be permeable to air, but also stable, so that you do not break into it directly. The light well should be covered so that you don't fall in. This way, your children can't hurt themselves here, and larger animals are also safe from falling into the cellar shaft. Leaves will still fall in, but without further ado, cellar well covers can usually be loosened to remove impurities such as leaves and dirt.

The material makes the difference

At ECD, we use high-quality material to make all covers for sunshades, traffic light umbrellas or even the light well covers as sturdy as possible. Because it is not only important to protect what is under the cover, but also to produce a cover that will serve its purpose for several years. The cellar well should be sealed by the cellar well cover for several years and not just for a few weeks. It is very important to us that the plastic used in production can withstand UV radiation and does not crumble after a summer. All aluminium frames and EVA fabrics are manufactured to a very high standard and are designed to protect more precious materials. You can use our tarpaulins to protect your garden furniture, your stainless steel barbecue or even your pool. A tear-proof foil, burglar-proof light well cover and a corrosion-resistant cover are available in our shop and are a matter of course for our quality standards.

Protected from wind and weather

Not only rain, snow and hail can cause damage to your garden furniture. UV radiation can also make polypropylene or even plastic dilapidated and unusable. Large umbrellas as well as pools or light wells can be affected by the weather. So it's safe to say that using covers of any kind can also be good for your wallet. They not only offer protection from dirt, but also from insects. As a rule, covers for your parasol can be fixed with a simple zip. Your protective cover should nevertheless be the ideal size for your intended use. If the cover is much too large, insects will still be able to crawl into your pool. Moisture can damage wood, metal and protective covers. You should always make sure that your liner, protective cover and cover is as watertight as possible. It is also a good idea to weigh down your covers with aluminium weights or stones. Weights made of aluminium have the advantage that they can be fixed with a bracket and do not rust. 

Sunshades, pools and co.

Any summer items usually disappear into the shed, garage or cellar in autumn at the latest. The simple assembly and easy handling of appropriate covers simplifies the effort to dress your summer furniture. Check the functionality of your protective covers every year, because even if they are stored correctly, they can still become defective.