The time always in view

You have a large selection of modern wall clocks from our range. We offer both small and large wall clocks. With Roman or Arabic numerals, you can always see what time it is. They decoratively embellish your bedroom, living room or kitchen, for example. We attach great importance to reliability. Each wall clock has a modern and reliable quartz movement. As an eye-catcher, you can also place our black metal table clock with integrated clock under a glass plate in your home. A world map is depicted on the clock face. A big step towards modernity.
Our largest wall clock has a diameter of 92 cm.

Silent or with the classic ticking?

The choice is yours! Many of our wall clocks are silent. That means there is no classic ticking noise. These are particularly suitable for rooms in the house where you need to concentrate, but also keep an eye on the time. Of course, we also offer beautiful wall clocks with the classic ticking sound.

Between rustic, vintage and minimalist modernity

Our wall clocks differ not only in size, but also in material. You can choose between classic clocks made of MDF wood with hands made of metal with Roman numerals. Or modern design clocks made of high-quality mango wood with black hands for your home. Many styles to enhance the walls of your living room or kitchen. The look is in your hands.

Sustainable and responsible

It is important to us that our designer wall clocks, especially those made of wood, are produced in a sustainable and responsible way. This guarantees not only an unbeatable design, but also a stable and long-lasting use. 

More than just decoration

With us, you can get modern wall clocks online, be it with black metal hands or silver ones, at a fair price. Our wooden wall clocks are sustainably produced, because we also want to make our contribution. Your walls in the house get a modern character. Even our retro clocks fit wonderfully in bedrooms or living rooms.

We offer all wall clocks with reliable and free shipping.