Order your dream mailbox from ECD Germany

Do you still receive mail that you could literally take in your hand and then have to open gently or tear open impatiently? We sincerely hope that this is the case - and that it's not just bills or advertising. Because in this case, ECD Germany offers you a choice of one or the other design letterbox in which you know your letter post is in absolutely safe hands. In addition, unlike the virtual mailbox in the PC and smartphone, it is visually perceptible and can become a small but fine design element of your own home thanks to its appealing design.

Order stainless steel letterbox online

You can choose the size of the opening and whether the steel letterbox should be equipped with viewing windows or a separate newspaper compartment. Of course, various devices ensure that your mail is well protected in every respect while it remains in the mailbox. In any case, a protective flap allows possible rain to drain off, so that the contents remain clean and dry at all times. And a cylinder lock with two matching keys ensures that no unauthorised person will tamper with it.

Stainless steel letterbox in black, white, silver or anthracite

Every wall-mounted letterbox that you can buy from ECD Germany is made of high-quality steel or stainless steel and therefore leaves nothing to be desired in terms of stability and weather resistance. All of our models have a modern, yet discreet design that fits in perfectly with a wide variety of entrances and facades. The powder coating, which we can offer you - depending on the mailbox model - in the following colours, also contributes to the particularly elegant, unobtrusive appearance: Black, white, silver and anthracite. We offer wall-mounted letterboxes, letterbox systems, floor-standing letterboxes and sheet steel letterboxes, all of which could soon be your new letterbox. Order the right letterbox for you, including a newspaper tube, at a low price. A letterbox is essential if you want to continue receiving postcards from your friends or family from your holiday, or your newspaper or a letter.

Every letterbox in our range is easy to install

Would you like to install your new stainless steel letterbox from ECD Germany yourself next to the front door or on the enclosure wall of your property? No problem, because no specialist knowledge is required. We deliver the complete mounting accessories to your home, so that you can install the letterbox on the house wall or on a fence in no time at all. You can equip the letterbox with a house number and individual name plates to avoid confusion. All letterboxes from the ECD Germany online shop are made of high-quality material, be it stainless steel or plastic, the letterboxes are equipped with everything necessary to be weatherproof.

Whoever wants to order a high-quality letterbox made of stainless steel with a noble exterior at a favourable price will certainly find what they are looking for here in the online shop of ECD Germany.