Sight protection and a real eye-catcher at the same time

We are talking about gabions or a gabion fence. Gabions are wire baskets that are usually filled with stones. The wire baskets are made of galvanised steel, which makes them very weather-resistant. Because they are galvanised, the baskets cannot rust. This means that the stone baskets can be used decoratively in your garden or around the house. You can determine the height of the gabion fence yourself. Since the wall is made up of several modules, you have a free choice when assembling the gabions. With our large selection of gabions in our online shop, you can make your garden more attractive or protect it from unwanted glances at low cost. Gabions are usually cheaper than conventional fences or walls and are a great upgrade for your garden.
You don't want everyone looking into your garden anymore? Fill the gabion fence with stones or let plants grow over it, and then you can enjoy your beautiful garden in peace and quiet.
The gabion fence can also be used as a gardening area.

More than just a natural stone wall

There are many different shapes and types of gabion enclosures. For example, you can fill a gabion column with stones. On this column you can then place tall plants that will grow over the gabion. This way you not only have a privacy screen, but also a real eye-catcher for the garden.
The stone baskets not only serve as a privacy screen, but can also function as a seating area. For this purpose, you can buy the gabion bench online from us. The gabions are made of galvanised steel and the seat is made of WPC.
The fence can of course be placed outside the garden. For example, in the front garden to separate it from the neighbour or the street. In this way you can design your privacy screen individually, regardless of whether you want to see the stone fence or let it grow over with plants.
Another design option would be to make a raised bed out of the gabion fence. They are an excellent way to make your dream of a raised bed come true. This is how it works: You need a second wall in addition to your basket. Fill in the stones between the first and second wall. The remaining hollow space in the middle is filled with potting soil, on which you can then plant your flowers.
Order your gabion fence conveniently online and enjoy the advantages of free design.
Note: Make sure that the material with which you fill the wire baskets is not too small. This could cause it to fall through the openings of the basket.