Garden tools

 Garden tools

Our range of gardening tools

In our online shop you will find all kinds of gardening tools to stock up your inventory, for example the practical foldable wheelbarrows, or rakes and shovels made of steel. We also have niche products for hobby gardeners that we can offer you: High-quality thermal composters or drum composters, and the practical spreading trolleys for large areas that need to be fertilised are also not to be scoffed at.
Doesn't everyone have a wheelbarrow at home that dates back to the last millennium? It can be stated that the wheel should definitely be replaced, here we offer a large selection of wheelbarrow wheels and new axles. Here we distinguish between the tyres to inflate and the solid rubber variant, both variants have a high quality and make the upcoming work in the garden much easier and more pleasant. Other garden tools are concrete and soil tampers, as well as electric backpack sprayers with rechargeable battery.

Wheelbarrows and wheelbarrow accessories

The foldable wheelbarrows have a volume of up to 56 l, the tubes are made of steel and the tub of high-quality nylon. You can also find all accessories for the wheelbarrow in our web shop. The inflatable tyres or the wheelbarrow wheel in the solid rubber version, the tyres have an axle made of steel which ensures a high load capacity. For the installation of the wheelbarrow wheels, we also have the corresponding axles, which are also very resilient due to the steel and thus guarantee a long service life. With a gardening tool like our wheelbarrow, any kind of plant, garden waste or tool can be easily and comfortably transported through the garden.

Gardening can be fun

That's right! Gardening can be fun, you just need the right garden tools at the right price. You can easily buy a new pneumatic wheelbarrow and all the other gardening tools you need online. The quality of our tools is given by a processing of good stainless steel. In addition to the wheelbarrow, buy a new rake and a new shovel and you are already prepared for the summer and can have fun working in the garden.

Ready for the summer

Even if you don't want to admit it, it is true that most garden work has to be done in the summer. The soil needs to be maintained, the lawn mowed and the garden given a general overhaul. For this process, one needs a functioning garden tool, in fact several, preferably made of sturdy material. You need wheelbarrows with a good grip and a good wheelbarrow wheel and functioning axle. Fortunately, we have all these things in our shop. Also the new technology does not wait and many people nowadays have a modern robotic mower, for this we also have the right accessories, this technology is very good, but not always perfect. With the boundary wire, you can ensure a perfectly mown lawn, in exactly the form that you specify to the robot, these boundary wires up to 250 m can also be found on our site.

Our claim as ECD Germany

As a company, it is important to us to maintain a standard of quality and that every product that we deliver to you from our online shop meets your claim in terms of price and performance. Whether it's a wheelbarrow or wheelbarrow wheels, our goal is to meet every need. Every shovel, every wheelbarrow and every accessory for our garden tools has been specially selected by us to satisfy our customers. For us, value for money is of great importance, whatever the size of the product. You are guaranteed to find the right gardening tool for your garden in our range.