Everything for your child at ECD Germany

Welcome to ECD Germany. Toys are of great importance for the development of children. We have the perfect idea for your child's room, a play tent or children's tent! Our playhouses are not only a great indoor playground, but also a cosy retreat for your child. In addition, children's toys are of great importance for the development of your child. It promotes creativity, motor skills and social competence.

Our play tents come in many different models, such as the popular tepee tent. These are made of cotton and are equipped with cushions for a comfortable and safe play experience. The sleeping area is equipped with a slatted frame and mattress and can also be used as a loft bed. The white tent can be turned into your child's individual work of art by painting and drawing with a brush or finger. We also have a matching drawing set for this. The play tents also have integrated drawers to store toys such as LEGO.

Our children's tents also have a lot to offer. They are made of solid wood and are available in different colours and models. The loft bed offers a raised lying surface. Underneath, there is plenty of space for toys and a cosy corner with cuddly toys. You can also use the lower area for a reading corner. The windows in our children's tents let lots of light into the tent and create a pleasant atmosphere.

The tepee tent is particularly popular with children because it is reminiscent of a real Indian tent. It is very easy to set up and take down, making it a great option for spontaneous adventures in the garden or at the campsite. The soft cotton also makes it particularly breathable and comfortable against the skin.

Your child can be creative in their nursery and design their own world. With the play tent, he has his own playground and retreat. The tent can be rearranged as needed at any time and it always offers new possibilities for play. We also have suitable products for babies in our range. Our baby mats are made of soft cotton and offer enough space for baby's first rolls and crawls. We also have matching slatted frames and mattresses for baby beds in our range. We attach great importance to quality, safety and educational benefits. All our products are specially designed to meet the needs of babies and children and are made of high-quality materials. It should be fun, but also useful. That's why our products are often developed in collaboration with experts and educators.

For parents, it can be especially difficult to find the right equipment. Our goal is to make your baby feel comfortable and safe in its environment. With our products, you can lovingly care for your baby and create a safe and creative environment for them.

But we also have toys for teenagers in our range. Because even in adolescence, playing and having fun is important. Here, quality and safety are just as important to us as with children's/babies' toys. That's why we also pay attention to high-quality materials and safe workmanship when selecting our teenage toys. With us, you will find toys for teenagers that are age-appropriate and exciting. A large selection of board games and strategy games ensure entertaining hours with friends and family. Technical toys such as remote-controlled cars or drones are also very popular with teenagers and promote technical understanding.

All products can be ordered online and are delivered quickly. FREE shipping throughout Germany. We look forward to delighting your child with our toys or cots and encouraging their creativity!