Lamps for every room

Whether ceiling lamps, floor lamps or the light bulb without cladding, we at ECD Germany have all variations to provide light in your rooms. With today's technical conditions such as Smart Home or similar automated networks, it is advisable to also integrate the light in order to be able to switch your lamps on or off while on the move. With the appropriate luminaire, lamps have a directly different effect. A distinction is made between different lampholders, different light sources and also different brightness levels, as well as the corresponding technology.

ECD Germany offers you a large selection of designer lamps, floor lamps and table lamps. The lighting in a room can enhance any space and is essential for your well-being. Warm white ceiling lights enhance and warm up the rooms you spend time in. Basically, the type of lamp you can use in your room depends on your space. Hanging lamps look nice above a dining table, a chandelier is ideal for high ceilings and if it is not possible to mount the lamp on the ceiling, there are floor lamps and table lamps that can also provide the necessary light for the room. Especially in the living room, you should use beautiful and aesthetic lamps. We offer many different colours. Whether plain colours like grey, black or white or lamps with golden and red lampshades, everyone will find what they are looking for.

Light bulb or LED lights?

The classic light bulb works by passing electricity through a thin wire. This wire then starts to glow, and also develops a corresponding heat that can become extremely hot after a while. Nowadays there are also LED lamps that look like normal light bulbs. This way you can create beautiful retro looks without having to resort to old light bulbs. Nowadays it is possible to install LED bulbs in the new lamp. LED lamps are not only cheaper to buy, but also cheaper to maintain, consuming only a fraction of the electricity used by older incandescent lamps.

ECD Germany stands for quality

All our lamps, light chains and illuminants are very well manufactured and of the highest quality. The material we use in our lamps, whether glass, plastic, wood or metal, is processed to a high standard. You can also find the light sources in the form of our LED bulbs matching our lamps with all the relevant sockets in our online shop. Many of our LEDs can be dimmed and switched on and off by remote control.
All our LEDs and lamps are available online. We offer free shipping within Germany.