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Respiratory protective mask - Face mask

Light chain - Lighting
upholstered chair - armchair - dining chair

Looking for high-quality products for craftsmen? You are right in our shop!

In the craftsmen shop of ECD Germany hobbyists will find everything their heart desires. Starting with small tools as a basis for great deeds, up to sophisticated and complex machines for special requirements and applications, craftsmen will find exactly what they need here. Our range also includescar parts and accessories, electrical appliances and lighting – and invites you to discover useful or beautiful things for house, garden or leisure time. Have a look around at your leisure.

We offer the hobby as well as the professional craftsman not only a first-class shop where he can find exactly what he is looking for, but thanks to their many years of experience, we also have many competent and committed employees who are always ready to help you with any questions or problems. Founded in 1990 under the name of Eris Car Design with a corresponding focus on the automotive industry, our company has been continuously developing ever since. Under the name ECD Germany we even sell our own products today and regularly expand our range.

Craftsmen - Tools

Craftsmen's requirements from A to Z

In matters craftsman's supplies we are your competent partner! Whether it's about the various tools themselves, small helpers such as a LED hand lamp or the necessary and important protective clothing - we offer you high-quality articles with a correspondingly long service life in every category. Because we know how important it is to be able to rely on your tools. And we would like to give you this security as well. Even if you are looking for special products or high-quality accessories for your workshop , you should take a close look at our range. We are sure to have something suitable for you.

Our shop is ideal for hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers

Not only passionate do-it-yourselfers will find what they are looking for in our shop - even if you want to decoratively upgrade your house or garden or add some practical fixtures, it is worth taking a look at the respective category. Or are you perhaps planning to improve your sanitary facilities? Let your dream of a rain shower or a noble WC come true.Even if you have a green thumb and want to transform your garden into a blooming oasis of well-being, this is the right place for you. Our tip: After work is done, the hanging chair invites you to linger in comfort - we have the ideal models for both indoors and outdoors. Do you prefer to spend your leisure time in a sporty and active way?Then a e-scooter or a professional surfboard might be just right for you.

Shower - Bath - WC
Lighting Light LED Lamps Spot Bulb Spotlight Illuminant LED_Spot LED Bulb LED's Energy Saving Lamp Energy Saving Bulb Built-in Spotlight Built-in Panel Fluorescent Tube Surface Mounted Ceiling Light

Secure high-quality electrical engineering and reliable tools from our shop

Anyone who deals with the subject of electrical engineering on a hobby or professional basis will find what they are looking for in our shop, as will craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers who want to buy high-quality, robust tools. But also those who simply want to beautify their own home or are looking for inspiration will certainly be delighted when browsing through our range. Our comprehensive and varied range is definitely worth a look! And if you have any further questions about products or our company, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone on +492247-9168371 or via our contact form. We look forward to your enquiry!

The company

Our company has been successfully represented in the retail trade since 1990 and in online trading since 2002. What with wheel arch chrome and wooden interior for car tuning,
started with only a handful of employees, is now a constantly growing medium-sized company
Retail company with customers all over Europe.

The product range

The current product range comprises well over ten thousand items and is divided into three major product divisions. car spare parts and automotive Tools,
electronics and lighting and the area house and garden.

Car parts & accessories

In the automotive spare parts and tools segment, we offer not only the usual service and interval accessories such as filters, engine oils and brakes, but also wear parts such as wishbones, clutches and suitable special tools.


On the one hand, the electrical section includes electrical appliances for domestic use or DIY, and on the other hand a wide range of LED lamps. The product range includes in particular LED recessed spotlights, LED panels, LED strips and LED bulbs for the most common bases.
Feel good at home

The home and garden segment comprises the majority of our articles. The home segment includes articles for extension, conversion and interior design. These include among others Sanitary articles, radiators, canopies and railings, window grilles and roller blinds. We also offer home accessories, decorative items and pet supplies.

The garden section includes articles for gardening, garden design and garden use. These include sports articles, toys, but also barbecue and party accessories. With us there is something for almost everyone. We also regularly expand our product range with useful and innovative articles.
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