Home Gym instead of a gym!

Save on gym membership and set up your home gym at home. We provide you with the equipment you need to do your strength training in your own home gym. Workout during your lunch break while working from home? With your own gym consisting of equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, pull-up bar and multi-functional weight bench, you firstly save on the monthly costs of a gym and secondly you can carry out your fitness training completely independently.

What do you need in a home gym?

The equipment you need for your home gym depends on what your goals are and what focus you have on an effective workout. There are some pieces of exercise equipment that are multifunctional. These are ideal for building muscle, but also for losing weight or promoting health. The basic fitness equipment consists of classic dumbbells. A dumbbell set offers a wide variation of exercises that can be performed. Not only can you train biceps, but you can train almost the entire body. From squats with the dumbbells in your hand to shoulder presses, the dumbbells are a great option for your gym. In addition to dumbbells, we also recommend a barbell in combination with a weight bench. The multifunctional bench offers you a great way to make your strength training more individual. Here you can train not only your chest, but also your legs, buttocks and abdominal muscles. The training starts at your home.

What can I train at home?

The answer is easy! Everything. With dumbbells alone, you can cover and train almost all muscle groups. With the right exercises, the muscles can be optimally addressed. Even without weights, there is a wide range of exercises available.

Dumbbell and barbell in one

We offer a dumbbell set that you can convert into a barbell. A connecting piece allows you to combine the two dumbbells and thus obtain a barbell for the home gym. This way you can easily store the barbell again and the home gym looks tidy. Our top model comes with 12 weight plates of 2.5 kg each. So you can adjust the weight to suit your individual needs and set up your barbell.

Fitness, fun and a healthy body

Fitness training is not just about strength training. Strength training only increases your fitness to a limited extent. The best way to improve your fitness is through sports such as running, swimming, cycling, dancing etc. An aerobic stepper is a good way to train your fitness at home. This is a great way to work out your entire body. A combination of stepper training and dumbbell training is also possible.
For a strengthening of the back muscles, we recommend a pull-up bar. You drill our pull-up bar into your wall and it can withstand a load of up to 200 kg. Especially in home office times, this is a welcome change from sitting in front of your desk.

We want you to have as few problems as possible when setting up your gym. With our Home Gym Set, you'll be well equipped for your next workout in the comfort of your own home.