Garden showers

Modern design meets pleasant cooling

Our garden showers offer you a great way to protect yourself from the heat on hot summer days. The showers have a modern design and some additional functions. Among other things, you can regulate the temperature in some models. The attached fittings are made of robust stainless steel and are screwed onto the outdoor shower. This way you can choose whether you want to shower under warm or cold water.

But how does the water get warm without electricity?

Thanks to the built-in solar panel, the water in the shower is heated. No electricity is needed, so the solar shower is good for the environment. The maximum water temperature is 60 degrees Celsius. That should be enough to keep even a big frostbite warm under an outdoor shower. In addition, all models have a PVC water tank. The connection for a water hose is located on the underside of the garden shower. So you can simply lay out the hose in your garden and fill your solar shower with water. The hot water tank is integrated into the shower. As a rule, the tanks have a filling capacity of 35 to 40 litres. You will find the number of litres in the product descriptions of our garden showers. Therefore, these showers are also perfect for camping. The water tank lasts for a few days and for warm water you only need the power of the sun.

Swivel shower head?

No problem. Most of our showers are equipped with one. So you have almost unlimited freedom of movement under your outdoor shower. The shower head is made of stainless steel and adds a great accent to the black or silver garden showers. It is also corrosion-resistant and makes the shower look much more elegant. Depending on the variant, the garden showers have a water pressure of 3.5 bar.

Why do I need an outdoor shower?

An outdoor shower is ideal for camping or setting up a pool. Thanks to the solar panel, you don't have to rely on electricity. The solar garden showers also have a stable base plate for a secure stand of your future camping shower or garden shower. Depending on the model, you can look forward to a water tap in the lower third of the garden shower. So you can jump into your pool with clean feet.

Solar garden shower and sauna?

First into the hot sauna and then cool off under the solar shower. And the whole thing under the open sky. Good for the blood circulation and the immune system.

Buy your solar shower now at an unbeatable price. Enjoy the summer in your garden.