Sun protection for your balcony or terrace

It's summer, the sun is doing its best. You're looking for a shady spot. What could be better than a high-quality awning to protect you from the sun
There are two types of awnings. One is the heavy folding arm awning and the other is the clamp awning. The clamp awning is ideal as a balcony awning. But also for your garden and terrace. 
In addition, the installation is extremely simple, so that you have a sun protection and a privacy screen at the same time within a very short time. No drilling or screwing is required on the balcony or terrace. In contrast to a folding arm awning where you have to drill and screw. Simply perfect! The fabric is made of polyester and has a thickness of 180 g/m². This means that the material is extremely robust. At the same time, it is UV-resistant and water and dirt repellent.
You have the choice between the colours black and beige or the cassette awning in blue/white. No matter which colour, all our awnings are affordable and at the same time high-quality summer solutions.

Your individual awning

With us, you can choose from a large number of awnings online. You can choose the colour according to your wishes. Our clamp-on awnings are easily moved in and out with a crank. This not only makes installation easy, but also operation on the balcony or terrace. The modern design of our awnings enhances your garden or balcony. Thanks to the adjustable angle of inclination, you can also use the clamp awning as a privacy screen.

Balcony awning with LED solar light

A special variant of our balcony awnings is the one with LED solar light. You clamp the solar module onto the awning or close to it. The string of lights is charged by the sun's rays, so you can enjoy a cosy evening in the light. More than just a sunshade! Of course, the awning also functions as a small protection against the wind, but please note the following: In strong winds, we recommend retracting the clamp awning with the help of the crank, otherwise it could tear off.

The awning can be retracted with the help of the crank.

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