Outside sockets

Order practical outdoor socket outlet online

Whoever likes to spend time in their garden during the warm season will know it: There are always situations when electricity is needed. But what to do when there is no socket at hand and no other possibility to "fire up" the electric barbecue or to connect the lighting or lamp? The solution is a outdoor socket! Once you have benefited from an outdoor socket, you won't want anything else. It is simply practical to have a power source in the garden and no longer have to connect a long cable that may run through the entire living area. We are happy to provide you with a high-quality outdoor socket made of stainless steel at a low price online.

Outdoor socket in various designs

If you would like a outdoor socket, you have various options to choose from in our shop. Of course, it makes sense that the outdoor socket outlet is waterproof. You can buy a garden socket outlet made of stainless steel or in a stone look, which can be wonderfully integrated between the plants. Or is a socket column interesting for you in the garden? Familiarise yourself with our range and order a top outdoor socket at a truly affordable price. While browsing through our portfolio, you will certainly have already noticed that we always accommodate you with our attractive offers. Take advantage of this opportunity and get yourself, for example, an outdoor socket made of stainless steel that will meet your high expectations. Even if you would like to order certain outdoor sockets for your garden, we are sure to find a good solution for you thanks to our experience in this area.

Garden socket stone look / outdoor socket stainless steel

Whichever outdoor socket made of stainless steel you decide on in our range, it is certain that you will receive top quality at very fair conditions from us without exception. We know from our own experience that an outdoor socket outlet in stone look or garden can be worth its weight in gold. If you would like to find out more about an outdoor socket outlet we offer, we will be happy to provide you with any information you need. Take advantage of our offer and order a stone-look garden socket or a stainless steel garden socket to provide lighting in your modern garden. With our garden socket you don't have to destroy your soil, our garden socket works without a spike, just place it next to some stones and it literally disappears.

Good looking garden accessories

Our sockets are perfect thanks to their stone look or modern stainless steel look to either be invisible in the garden or to set matching and stylish accents. In addition, our outdoor sockets are splash-proof thanks to the IP44 protection class. This prevents your fuse from blowing out indoors. The practical 4-way sockets provide an extension of your power supply and can, for example, supply up to four outdoor people with power, or represent a further extension for socket strips. In summer, garden parties are celebrated, so an outdoor power supply is necessary. Thanks to the robust construction and IP44 protection, the sockets are also largely party-proof. Our stone-look sockets are equipped with a magnetic closure made of polyresin plastic.

Our claim as ECD Germany

As a company, it is important to us to maintain a quality standard and that every product that we deliver from our online shop meets your requirements in terms of price and performance. Whether a stone-look socket column or a stainless steel garden socket for your garden, our aim is to fulfil every need. Every garden socket, every socket column and every set for outdoor socket assortment has been specially selected by us to satisfy our customers. For us, a good price-performance ratio is of great importance, regardless of the size of the product. In our assortment, you are guaranteed to find the right item for your garden or outdoor area of your choice.