Cardan shaft

Cardan shafts at a favourable price

We offer high quality cardan shafts at a fair price. High-quality steel is used for optimum torque transmission through the cardan shaft. You have the choice between cardan shafts for the rear axle or the front axle. In addition, we offer online drive shafts for more than seven car brands and for more than twenty vehicles. So you should be able to find a suitable propshaft for your vehicle. We will send it to your home quickly and reliably.

What is the function of the propshaft?

The propshaft transmits torque, i.e. power, to the driven wheels via the shaft. Modern vehicles usually have only one cardan joint in the middle of the shaft. The universal joint is attached to the gearbox and differential with rubber transmission elements. These elements are called hardy disks. The amount of force depends on the car's engine. Therefore, it is even more important to buy a suitable new propshaft to ensure that the axle drive works without problems. Check whether your car has rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive. You will also find other suitable car parts from various manufacturers in our range.

Why is it called a propshaft?

The propshaft consists of two joints at each end of the rod or one joint in the middle. These joints were invented by the Italian mathematician Gerolamo Cardano. This is how the name cardan shaft came about. 

PTO shaft or drive shaft?

Drive shaft and propshaft are not the same thing. The propshaft falls under the category of drive shafts. Therefore, the drive shafts in passenger cars differ in the joints that are installed. They are often referred to as cardan shafts. It should not be forgotten that the cardan shaft forms part of the entire drive train of a vehicle.

How can you recognise a defective cardan shaft?

A defective shaft in a car causes vibrations and a dull rumbling sound when starting off. The noise can occur at the front or rear of the car. If the propshaft mountings are broken or deformed, the gearbox and differential may be destroyed. However, correctly mounted propshafts usually last forever. In most cases, a defect is the cause of consequential damage or other circumstances. An extremely jerky driving style can theoretically shorten the service life.
As a rule, the hardy disks must be checked regularly before the cardan shaft is considered.

Continue driving with a broken propshaft?

Generally, it is possible to continue driving with a broken propshaft. However, if you continue to drive, you accept that other parts of your vehicle will break. In the worst case, the gearbox, the differential or adjacent bearings will be destroyed. It is therefore no longer possible to continue driving.