Steering gear

 Steering gear

Steering gears for many different car models from ECD Germany

It is said to have been none other than Carl Benz who developed the first steering gear for a motor vehicle. As a relevant element of the steering system, this important component serves to convert the rotary movement of the steering wheel into a corresponding sliding movement of the track rods, which in turn transmit it to both front wheels. Here in the ECD Germany online shop, you will find a wide range of steering gears from different car manufacturers, some of which can be installed not only for different models, but also for different manufacturers.

If you need to replace this so important movement conversion element in your vehicle due to wear and age, then you will find a wide range of steering gears in our online assortment BMW steering gearboxes as well as steering gearboxes for Mercedes-Benz models from a wide range of model series and for vehicles from all other popular manufacturers. You will find steering gears for the Audi A4 as well as for the BMW 3-series e36 and e39. No matter whether you want to buy a steering gear for the VW Passat or a VW T4 Transporter: In many cases, the delivery you order in this category at ECD Germany includes...

  • both the actual steering gear
  • as well as the tie rods that are bumped by it
  • as well as the protective gaiters known as steering boots.

For details on the respective scope of delivery, please refer to our detailed product descriptions.

Steering gear: always for power steering and almost never with steering damper

In modern cars, only the rack-and-pinion steering principle is used. A pinion turned by the steering wheel shifts the rack running parallel to the front axle, which in turn transmits this impulse to the track rods connected to the wheels. The rack-and-pinion steering system consists of only a few parts, which is why it is extremely inexpensive to manufacture and also easy to install.

Due to the great steering power of modern vehicles and the generally increased demand for user-friendliness, the steering gear is now always part of a power steering system and is hydraulically supported. Moreover, in the modern design it is almost never designed for operation with a steering damper, which in older models such as the VW Beetle should rule out too much play and wobble in the steering. In our range, only the steering gear for the Audi A6 series up to the 2005 model year is designed for operation with steering damper. The steering gearboxes from ECD Germany provide a pleasant steering movement as hydraulic power steering. The new gearbox can be installed in a quick repair and then the new steering gearbox is installed in your car and everything is ready again. The entire spare part is available at a fair price in our online shop.