Our Online Electronics Range

Expertise, the highest quality, the best prices and excellent customer service - that's what sets ECD Germany apart. Our online shop assortment offers an individual selection of building technology and accessories on electronic components of lighting technology and home automation. At ECD Germany you will find a wide range of products cheap, fast and easy. We deliver your selected product worldwide (free shipping within Germany).


Lighting is an integral part of any home décor and design. Are you looking for a modern ceiling light for your living room or the right reading lamp for your bedroom? Just browse through our large selection! We have trendy LED lights and lamps in various designs. LEDs also have a lower power consumption compared to incandescent lamps. 

Garden accessories

You can also buy beautiful electrical garden accessories from our shop. From LEDs to sockets in a stone design. Our LEDs come in different colours and with different power ratings. With the stone-look sockets, you can hide the sockets between stones so that it still looks like nature, which is the perfect solution for your garden. You can also control the technology in the garden via a specific control system.

We have a wide range of garden products for mowing the lawn or trimming the hedge, cleaning the pool or the terrace. Everyone will find something to his or her taste. We also offer pond decoration. To beautify your pond, you will find a whole range of products to choose from in our online shop. The spectrum ranges from figures such as ducks, frogs, fish or flamingos to stones and watercourse bowls to water features and falls.

Safe technology

We at ECD Germany place a very high value on the safety of our customers. Especially with electronics, you have to be careful.

Safe living is a good feeling. Therefore, you should not compromise on the protection of your property. With us you get security cameras in good and careful quality so that they last a long time and are protected from vandalism and the weather.

Secure living is a good feeling.